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Perfect People Who Have Ruined My Life

15/?: Xsparkage aka Leesha

Whenever someone compliments my eyeshadow, it is usually followed by “Is it MAC?”

I guess MAC is the most well known brand for having brightly colored makeup, but they aren’t the most elite brand anymore, and their eyeshadow does not have to all-time best formula. I personally prefer Inglot and Urban Decay. I use those two brands the most, and I only own 3 MAC eyeshadows from over 5 years ago that I never touch. It seems like MAC still has a really great reputation for bold colors and pigmentation even though I personally think they’re being overshadowed, in reality. Their lipsticks are really nice though.

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EOS x Organix x LUSH x OPI

Mini Ulta haul! It’s a Friday and I had a 20% off coupon including the prestige brands. Of course, I bought some stuff. I’ve already tried the UD glide-on and Stila liquid liner, so it’s nothing new. I love them both so much, I didn’t know which one to get. Luckily my sister bought the Stila, so I didn’t have to buy both. I’m trying the NYX setting spray and Batiste dry shampoo for the first time.

like a quarter of my makeup maybe..? problems…

NYC haul

My photo! please don’t change the source/click-through or repost! xo

So many neutrals. Can’t decide haha #mac #maccosmetics #macgirl #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeupproducts #beauty #beautyproducts #makeupbrushes #makeupaddict

Hm maybe I DO have a problem… 😳 #makeup #makeupeverywhere #beautyjunkie #makeupaddict #mac #nars #bobbibrown #smashbox #anastasiabeverlyhills #benefit #urbandecay
EuphoricCreation || Emma Pickles

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EuphoricCreation || Purple Liner  

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EuphoricCreation || Summer Makeup Look  

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maybe a little of a makeup junkie 😳😂😍